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Kiley Herring 5 Years of Service

Multi Community Diversified Services, Inc. will excel in providing services to individuals with disabilities, by promoting community inclusion and employment opportunities with the maximum level of independence and dignity.

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  Third Quarter Service  Award February 9, 2017

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Our Support Team

On 11/13/2017 while driving clients home in the afternoon Alex Yarborough saw a client in his rearview mirror changing color and making the universal choking gesture. He was attentive and quick to respond. Alex pulled the bus over and immediately began back blows which did not work and so he performed stomach thrusts and was able to dislodge a piece of candy from the clients throat.
When MCDS CEO Doug Wisby thanked Alex for his quick actions that saved a client’s life, Alex said that he should thank Doug for providing him training so that he knew what to do and was able to react correctly and not panic.
Alex said he is not a hero, he was just doing his job, but saving a life is a hero in my book.

Our Mission Statement

First Quarter Service  Award , September 14, 2017

We appreciate all of their time and dedication to making MCDS a strong and caring organization.

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Doug Wisby, CEO

Christine Gafford, COO

Jan Hoefer, Director of Accounting

Kathy Regehr, Executive Secretary/Public Relations

Residential Services
Rachel Lesslie, Director of Day and Residential Services

In 1974, Hope Preschool began providing services

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