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On Friday, December 13th, we hosted our annual Client Christmas Party with our clients and their families! We had a great time and made some amazing memories!

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/18/2020

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 virus, MCDS has taken certain steps to ensure the safety of our clients, their families, and our staff. Please keep in mind that we are taking preventative measures to err on the side of caution during the uncertainty surrounding the current situation. 
We are encouraging families, guardians, payees, and visitors to cancel  visits to the MCDS Administrative Building as well as the residential homes of persons served at this time.. We are encouraging electronic communication wherever possible in place of face to face visits. 
The MCDS office building will be locked and any visitors to the building will be screened by the front desk attendant before being allowed entrance to the building. Individuals that are dropping off paperwork, payment, packages or other items will be asked to leave them in the front alcove for the front desk attendant to pick up as soon as possible. 
While the risk of contracting this virus remains low in our area, we are taking every available precaution to help do our part to keep everyone involved  healthy. Please keep this in mind through the following weeks.
As this is an ever changing situation, we will be keeping our clients, their families, and our staff updated in as timely a manner possible. Please visit and @MCDSKS on Facebook for updates. 

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