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Whether people with disabilities continue to live at home or move out into the wider community, they can face isolation and loneliness. In fact, once they leave the school system, they’re at high risk for being on the sidelines, devoid of meaningful relationships outside their families.​​​


That’s why MCDS exists. For 50 years, we’ve been empowering people with disabilities to realize their potential as full citizens in the community, through supporting them to work, live, and play. It’s our passion to make them feel like they belong and to help them live as independently as possible. ​​

Everyone deserves to feel valued--where a disability doesn’t exclude them from joy, independence and a full life. We believe our whole community grows stronger when we embrace people with disabilities as citizens who make valuable contributions. ​

we believe our whole community grows stronger when we embrace people with disabilities as citizens who make valuable contributions. ​​​

celebrating 50 years

A non-profit since 1974, we have a rich history of providing quality services for individuals with developmental disabilities. We began as a preschool program in 1971, eventually evolving into Hope Center, Inc., and later becoming McPherson County Diversified Services in 1976. Over the years we have expanded to offer day programs, barrier-free facilities, and work services through McPherson Industries. We first ventured into residential care with Mac House I and now have nearly 30 locations throughout McPherson County.​

​In 1994, we partnered with Cartridge King, forming Cartridge King of Kansas, providing employment for people with disabilities. Then in 2003 another significant milestone occurred when MCDS moved to a new facility in the BPU Industrial Park, providing ample space for administrative offices, day programs, life enrichment classes, as well as warehousing for local industries. ​

As we celebrate 50 years of impact, MCDS looks to the future with boundless possibilities. Our commitment to reaching more individuals, improving services, and expanding residential housing reflects our enduring dedication to enhancing the lives of those with developmental disabilities.​

our history

leadership team

Doug Wisby


Jan Hoefer


board of directors

Doug CurtrightChair
Carlton Spencer, Vice Chair​

Cindy Kinnamon, Treasurer ​

Sue Johnson​

Verla Thomason

Casey Taylor

Residential Director

Dan Bumgarner

Director of Case Management & QA

Amber Hagerman

Human Resources Manager

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